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How To Play


Download Keplr Wallet

Keplr Wallet allows you to interact with secret contracts on Secret Network, similar to Metamask for Ethereum.

Install Keplr ExtensionNote: Keplr is only available on Google Chrome.


SCRT is used to mint heroes and to cover transaction fees for battles, similar to ETH gas for Ethereum transactions. SCRT can be acquired in two ways:

Use Uniswap

Swap ETH or ERC20 for WSCRT on Uniswap, then use the Secret Network - Ethereum Bridge to move WSCRT to SCRT.

Go to UniswapHow to Use Secret - Ethereum Bridge

Buy SCRT on

Use BTC or ETH and withdraw purchased SCRT to your Keplr wallet, using the Secret Network address provided by your Keplr Wallet.

Go to BinanceNote: Not available to U.S. residents.

Start Playing Secret Heroes

If you have a Keplr Wallet with SCRT, you’re ready to start minting and battling Secret Heroes.

Launch GameNote: Keplr is only available on Google Chrome.